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Meet Indigo Wellness

The Indigo Wellness Center is an iconic part of downtown Salem, and Dr. Zohra has been supporting our community with her expertise for over two decades! In case you haven't learned how they help our community yet, this interview will help share what they do 😊


Q: Tell us about your introduction to the world of wellness, and what was the catalyst to create your own center to help others? Was it successful from the start, or was it a slow build into the iconic name we all know today?

A: Indigo Wellness Center started as a small chiropractic office in the studio adjacent to Dr. Zohra Campbell's own home. "As clientele grew, I wanted to bring on more practitioners and more of a variety of treatments," she says. "In 2004, I partnered with someone who was running a yoga studio and over time, even though the partnership dissolved, the vision for Indigo Wellness Center continued. We had to move the business a few times due to growth. And in 2014 we found the home that we are in now." Indigo Wellness Center is now located in the Pringle Park Plaza on Liberty Street in downtown Salem. We love this space and see it as the perfect spot to continue building a comprehensive wellness center within our community.

Q: What is it like working on staff at Indigo Wellness? Do you approach things as a team, or do you find value in giving space to each service provider to create their own individual experiences for the clients who see them?

A: I would say it's definitely both. Depending on the client's needs, we rely on each other's expertise in providing them with the best service possible as a team effort. We are a tight-knit staff and we meet regularly to discuss issues that come up, or needs for clients, and brainstorm on how we can serve our community better.

Q: Why the name Indigo?

A: The color indigo is associated with the Third Eye chakra - the place of intuition, clear vision, & knowing what is best for ourselves. We believe that healing begins with awareness of an issue, and followed by the intention of caring for ourselves. "If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness" is a quote by Joyce Sunada that we have posted in our wellness center because it is a moral we stand behind. Our own motto is "Move better, feel better, live well" - which is the intention for every session that we have with every client who walks through our doors.

Q: There are multiple places in town to choose from when it comes to certain wellness services - can you tell us about the benefits of becoming a member at a facility that can be a one-stop-shop like yours?

A: Here at Indigo Wellness Center, we offer a variety of comprehensive care services with a wide breadth of experience from our practitioners. We are able to work together by viewing each other's charts and combining our energy and expertise in helping each client accordingly. With this useful tool, we can then see clients for many different modalities, according to the treatment plan that we cater for them upon their visits. It is very easy for clients to book online for all of our services. And some of our practitioners are available to be booked for multiple services.

Q: Can you tell us how you've seen your clients' lives improve after becoming a member?

A: A person may come in with a physical issue that seems fairly straightforward but for optimal healing, it may require other modalities. Through our initial consultation and exam, we are able to see what other services we can provide for them - such as chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, stretching, etc. We have all of these tools to use at our disposal.

For example, one of our clients was feeling anxiety, tension in neck and shoulders, & lower back issues. She originally came in as a chiropractic patient but once aware of the other services we provide, she expressed interest in booking with other practitioners for other modalities. Now, we are her "one stop shop" for many - if not, all! - of her wellness needs.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about having Salem as a home base? There seems to be pretty good support for different communities within our town - how do you find the support for wellness? Are there events, groups, etc where people can interact with other like minded people? Or is this something Salem could use more of?

A: The sense of community is super important. We aim to do the best to serve Salem in the way of wellness, but also in every way. I feel that we are all too pulled apart, and working individually, when in reality, we could always use the support of feeling like we are part of a greater community and purpose.

Q: What are some unexpected activities you like to take part in - there are so many hobbies that fall under the "wellness" there something out of left field that you love doing aside from wellness? Anything adventurous, tech-y, artsy, traveler-y? We love to shed light on the person behind the business, so it's awesome to share what you are passionate about!

A: Zohra is involved in the local anti-nuclear awareness group & Oregon Peace Works. She also loves to travel, and has found a great outlet in leading international annual yoga retreats. Other staff members are involved in other hobbies such as gardening, baking, cooking, sports, and local community events such as The Moonlit Collective new moon circle.

To put it simply, Indigo Wellness Center exists to help our clients navigate the every day stresses of being human. Our motto is move better, feel better, & live well. This is our goal and focus and guiding principle that informs every decision we make about our business and the services we offer.


Visit their site to learn more and to book an appointment 🌹

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