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Custom Silk Screen Printing Services

Silk Screen Printing is our most popular service, for a good reason! Printed goods are a rad way to spruce up your team's apparel, or to sell in your store. We'll need details to get you pricing, so head to our quote page to get started!

What is Silk Screen Printing?

Screen printing, (sometimes called "silk" screen printing) is a tried-and-true method that uses a stencil and a mesh (originally made from silk, now often synthetic) to press vibrant and durable designs onto almost any material.


It's our preferred decoration for large quantities of apparel, where its cost-effectiveness shines - or for pieces where quality is the most important thing!


This craft goes beyond simply putting ink on a shirt; it's about crafting enduring art that stands up to the test of time and wear.


Whether you're looking to make a bold statement on apparel or create custom pieces that pop off the fabric, high quality silk screen printing is your go-to for creating something truly unforgettable...

Of course, we may be a bit biased ;)

Custom Screen Printing Options

  • Spot color printing

  • Discharge ink printing

  • Sublimation printing

  • Metallic ink printing

  • Glow in the dark printing

  • Halftone printing

  • Simulated process printing

  • Split fountain printing

Sound like gibberish? No worries, we'll be able to walk you through the perfect option for your project!


minimum screen printing quantities

Our minimum amount for traditional orders are 24 pieces with the same design - why 24? ​

It's a good number that results in the price per item being the most cost effective. 

It takes the same prep to set up printing 1 tee or 100, however the pricing increases pretty dramatically below 24 pieces.

There are certain situations where we can help with smaller orders if you have a flexible budget, so you can always inquire with us if you have a special circumstance!

On the other hand, ordering in bulk is when you get the most savings. Although our minimum for screen printing services is 24, there is no maximum amount we can't handle.


Whether you need 100 pieces or 10,000+, rest assured that our team can take care of ya.

custom screen printing faqs

  • What’s the process like?

    • We pride ourselves on making the process easy peasy. The best way to get your project​ details is by filling out our inquiry form hereOnce we get your details, we'll work with you to finalize any loose ends. Once we receive payment, we place your items on order & give you the signal when your project is ready for pick up.

  • Do you do custom designs?

    • We can work with you to create a design for your project! Note that design fees and turnaround times vary depending on complexity. 

  • What’s the turnaround time?

    • Screen printing services fluctuate between 2-3 weeks from date of payment. 

  • Do you have a rush fee?

    • If you need to get your project back in a jiffy, let us know during your inquiry and we'll check​ to see what we can do! Rush fees apply depending on how quick we need to get the goods into your hands.

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