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Our story...

Founded in 2007, DLH Screenprinting was born when the rock band I was in needed merchandise to sell at our shows. Using the knowledge I gained from learning the process in a high school design class, I started by printing shirts on a homemade press in my garage and using a hairdryer to cure them. I eventually learned that this was (unsurprisingly) not a very sustainable process. Nonetheless, my passion and love for screen printing was found and I was soon getting requests from other bands all along the west coast to create their own shirts they could sell. 


Today, DLH specializes in creating crisp, high quality screen printed and embroidered apparel as well as headwear, banners, stickers, tote bags and other promotional products. We love giving local businesses a new way to raise awareness, and helping with the process of transforming a digital design into something tangible (and comfortable).


Rodney C.

OWNER And Master SCREEN Printer at
Don't Lose Hope Screen Print

What sets our company apart is our ability to give insight and customized advice to our clients resulting in the best possible product. This as well as our communication, quality, and attention to detail throughout the production process. We make sure to keep up with trends and the latest technology, and strive to use eco friendly products whenever possible.


DLH is proud to create products for sports groups, churches, events, charity organizations, and more. This includes local businesses who are in need of apparel for their team members and/or for retailing.


You might be able to order custom apparel online, however nothing matches the quality found when working with someone who knows the art of screen printing inside and out, who can help bring your vision to life and create something you’ll want to wear forever.

Meet The Team



You've likely met Jason if you've picked up an order from us! A ray of sunshine who always knows how to make you feel like the most special person in the room, he's the one who keeps the production team running smoothly.

Jason loves coors lite, watching hockey (go Penguins!), and his daschund Wes. 


heat press 

Our favorite thing about Aaron (besides his Anime hair) is his memory filled with random facts. He is usually manning the heat press, and also helps with set up and take down processes.

Aaron is an amazing guitar player, fellow Office fanatic and daily Birkenstock wearer.



If you've emailed us, you've probably chatted with Elisa. She takes care of client orders, handles the digital side of the business, and runs our social media accounts.

She's a dog mom who loves exploring the outdoors, enjoying movies, and reading. 

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