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Quali-T Men's Health

Now that we know the man behind the biz a little better, let's see how Chris makes lives better with Hormone Replacement Therapy. But first…What exactly IS Hormone Replacement Therapy? I had him explain it like we're 5 to make it easy to understand:

Chris: "The benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are immense. We specialize in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. If you are testosterone deficient, you will often have symptoms such as fatigue, decreased libido (sex drive), erectile dysfunction, weight gain, muscle loss, foggy thinking, etc. Long term effects can include frail bones, poor blood sugar control, and poor cholesterol levels. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have your levels checked. You may be told -- or have been told -- that your levels are "normal". Well, what is "normal"? The reference range for testosterone is anywhere from 250-900 ng/dL. This is a HUGE range. At Quali-T Men's Health, we look at your symptoms along with your testosterone level and will start people on TRT even if they are within the "normal" range because if you are having symptoms, your levels are too low. We want you to have an OPTIMAL level of testosterone to function best and lead a quality life.

If you're like me, now you're thinkin' okay, sounds like something I'd need to talk to my doctor about…Except not. Turns out working directly with a provider can be a much easier way to get results.

Chris: If we look at the diagnosis for low testosterone (hypogonadism), it is quite difficult [to obtain a referral for HRT]. You must have a total testosterone level less than 300, before 10 am, on two separate occasions to have hypogonadism. Then, your provider MAY start someone on TRT if insurance allows it. We don't like this because this diagnosis is difficult to obtain, does not take into account symptoms, and does not look at free testosterone. Why is free testosterone so important? Well, it's because free testosterone is what your body actually uses. It is otherwise known as available testosterone. So, if we follow insurance guidelines, millions of men would not qualify for TRT even though they are suffering from low testosterone levels. Additionally, the guideline on how to do TRT is quite poor and is not very beneficial. People often don't feel all that much better. We have a different protocol that we use that is much more stable and people simply feel better on it. This is the very short answer! Insurance dictates care and only looks at their bottom dollar, not what is best for the patient.

I was curious how long it takes patients to see results, and if there was anything that affected this timeline…for example stress, poor eating habits, etc.

Chris: This is a great question and something that we make sure everyone knows prior to starting TRT. With hormones everyone reacts a bit differently, but generally this is how it goes: Erections and libido generally improve around 6-8 weeks. People generally feel a noticeable improvement in their fatigue and loss of motivation around 10-12 weeks. Symptoms improve slowly over these three months -- it simply takes time. Stress, poor sleep, poor diet, and poor exercise can lengthen this timeline. I always tell people you have to meet your testosterone half way. You will not experience the most benefit if you are not also working to improve your life. This may seem daunting, but once you start feeling better, it is easier to improve your diet, exercise, and sleep.

Just as I suspected…Exercise and a good diet is still necessary, no matter what! Dangit. 🤣

I had to know: Is HRT something you recommend your clients include in your life regularly moving forward, or is this something your clients can see you for temporarily, or on an as-needed basis?

Chris: Generally speaking, if your levels are low now, they will only be lower as you age. You can always stop TRT, but you will go back to feeling the same way you did prior to TRT, so people rarely stop.

All the above info is great, but I love hearing about the transformation people experience the most. Here's what Chris had to say about the improvement in his clients' lives:

Chris: This job is one of the very few in medicine where you can see such dramatic improvement in people's quality of life in a relatively short amount of time. It is truly life changing for those who need it. The reason we decided on Quali-T Men's Health is because we care about your quality of life and want to help you improve it. I've seen people's work performance dramatically improve. I've seen marriages literally saved. I've had countless wifes/significant others thank me. I have seen people lose almost half of their body weight. I've seen many people go from wandering through life and struggling to then change to become leaders at work and overall happy people to be around. I've seen some men able to stop antidepressants (with the guidance of their PCP). The smiles I get from people who are improving on TRT makes everything worth it. I could go on and on about this. It is so important to improve muscle and bone strength as we age because they are good predictors for morbidity and mortality.


Hearing success stories like above is a huge reminder of why us business owners do what we do - we want to help improve our clients' lives! This is why it's such a pleasure working with fellow business owners in our community who are working diligently to make our corner of the world a better place.


Here's Chris's parting words for you: Chris: We offer a free no obligation initial visit with myself - Chris, owner and nurse practitioner. This visit can take up to one hour. We discuss your symptoms, what testosterone is, what TRT is, what TRT entails, and next steps. If you choose to, we generally obtain comprehensive initial labs that look at your overall health and hormonal health. Then, we work together to make a plan and decide if TRT is the best next step for you or not. Follow ups are every 3-6 months and can be done virtually or in person. It is very important to me that I am available to you and give you my cell phone number for any issues or questions. I generally am able to respond to people the same day or at least the next day. I truly do want to help you improve your quality of life and want you to lead the best life you can. You are not a number to me. You are an individual with individual needs and questions. Please do not feel embarrassed to talk about low testosterone and/or erectile dysfunction with me. It is all I do every day and it affects tens of millions of Americans. You are not alone! I am on TRT myself.


Know someone who might be interested in this business? Send them this link to spread the love!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Chris as a person & what he does to improve people's lives 🥰

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