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Our Impression of Impressions Expo

Updated: Jan 29

See below for a Vlog recap of the trip...And continue reading for a quicker summary!

As a first time attendee to the 2024 Impressions expo, I was blown away by the event! There were (temporary) tattoos, shots in eco-friendly cardboard cups, concerts & DJ's - basically something new around every corner.

Our matching rose shirts from Amazon, used in our branding photo shoot, made it easy to find each other in the bustling crowd 🌹

Sporting our signature rose shirts from Amazon, which totally rocked our branding shoot, we stood out like cool cats in a sea of tees & hoodies! We got so many compliments - so matching might just be our "thing" now ;)

I've still got some uneasiness around large gatherings post-COVID, but the atmosphere was welcoming and energetic!

Finding new products is a huge draw for this expo!

A standout experience was witnessing DTG (direct-to-garment) machines in action. Sure, I’m a die-hard for the classic screen printing (old school cool, you know?), but from a profitability perspective - it's hard not to drool over the ability to print designs DIRECTLY onto garments!

However, it's really important to remember that each decoration method has its own niche and purpose. Screen printing will always reign supreme (in our opinion) for graphic tees, but it's awesome to see what technology is coming up with!

If you're a garment decorator in the industry, here's our take: Rubbing elbows with the makers and shakers, getting the lowdown on equipment from people who have been using it in the trenches – that’s the kind of info you can't put a price tag on, especially when you're eyeing some big-ticket equipment you only get to see on the manufacturer's website!

The best part of the event for us? Without a doubt, the people. Swapping stories with folks who get it, facing the same hustle. The energy was infectious 🥰 Highlight of the day? A couple of peeps telling us our work lit up their world. That’s what it’s all about. 🥹

Sabrina & Sawyer are our new besties after saying hi!

Rodney's expertise in manual printing is valuable, especially for those transitioning from manual to automatic processes. This transition can be LIFE CHANGING but also scary AF with that monthly payment adding to your overhead, and entering a new level of business operations.

Having some young printers tell us we inspired them got us thinking that we have more to share about our we're excited about that!

Overall, investing time in industry events and quality equipment is not just about the purely biz aspect... It's also about nurturing connections, fostering both personal AND professional growth, & connecting with those who are passionate about the same work you are. At least...for us😊

Here’s to embracing innovation, nurturing community, and continuing to improve the garment decoration industry with excellence and authenticity! 🌹

Our suppliers and sponsors even put on a rock show for us - it was pouring rain, but that didn't stop them from BRINGING DOWN THA HOUSE! 🎸


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